Personal (One on One) Training is definitely a plan we thrive on. It is tailor made to accomidate your specific needs. We guide you step by step to ensure you get the results your looking for. When you are ready to go to the next level on your fitness journey, one on one sessions are the way to get there. You can't go wrong when the focus is you becoming the best you, you can ever be.  
One on One training: $50 per Session
Payments can be made bi-weekly or once a month
Group Classes: $10 per class
$25 per month all access
Group classes are one of the most fun and creative ways to gain a start in any fitness journey. Making friends, group motivating, and a positive like minded environment will cause anyone to look at maintaining a fit lifestyle from a totally different perspective. Not only will you get results but you will walk away with the feeling of victory knowing you accomplished what you thought at one point was impossible.