Mrs. Barbra Z.

 We can't express anymore of how proud we are of Barb!! She started her journey with Champion International in July of 2017. She had to take a short break in November of that same year due to a diagnoses of Uterine Cancer. After she beat and won the battle, she jumped right back on the band wagon and continued her path towards health and prosperity. She is still at it to this day, eating clean and exercising her way into a healthier and happier women!

Congrats Barb and keep up the good work!!



Lysha J.

  Lysha is another success story we celebrate often. She has been totally dedicated throughout her journey and still is. She started with Champion International in January of 2018. Since her new found love for working out and eating clean, she has landed a new job with better pay! Her confidence level is though the roof and I can see why!
We are so proud of you Lysha. Keep on inspiring us!